Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Ring! (Not the movie)

After much stress and waiting, here is the final product. We designed it ourselves and so there was no telling how it would look until it was finished. But I am a happy woman and all is well in the world. Thank you, Marty! It's beautiful and I love it! But I still love you more!

Friday, February 27, 2009

Engagement Night!

First of all, yes, I knew the night we were getting engaged and yes, I liked knowing...It all began on Friday the 13th because there was no way I was getting engaged on Valentine's Day (no offense to those who did). It just wasn't my style. Anyway, even though I knew WHEN the big night was, I had no idea what Marty had planned. We started out by having a really nice dinner at the New Yorker (ask Marty about his steak - then again, maybe you'd better not). The food was delicious. We had fancy calamari, a fancy salad and then we both had steaks. During dinner, our waiter brought out gifts every 20 minutes or so that had things in them that reminded Marty of me and/or us. The first one was a CD with a note on it that said it was to be played at 8:15. I won't bore you with all of the other items, but there were many and they were very thoughtful.
After dinner, we walked outside and Marty led me away from where the car was parked. Instead, we were standing in front of a white limo and he said that this was our ride for the next 2 hours! I had never been in one before so I freakin' loved it. We decided we needed to go on a road trip in one with a bunch of our friends someday. Anyway, Marty put the CD in which was a mix of songs that we loved. So we had the best music all night long.

Our first stop in the limo was Chili's (I know). But the only good thing about that restaurant is their molten lava cake. So we ordered that from inside the limo while we were parked outside of the restaurant and then ate it while we drove around.

We went to the Gateway for a few minutes and got out of the limo on the main one way street. It was awesome pretending to be celebrities as people stared at us wondering who we were. We ended up at the Capitol Building where Marty had a spot picked out that overlooked the city. That was where he asked me to marry him and I happily said YES! We are so excited and can't wait to begin our lives together starting on June 12th. So save the date!