Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Anderson family reunites

Well, we did it. All 10 of us plus 3 spouses and 5 grandkids were together for Christmas this year. One came from France, one from England, one from Philadelphia, one from Washington D.C., and 5 from Florida. Because it was such a miraculous event, we made sure to document it by getting family pictures done. It was a dang cold day, but we still managed to smile and have some fun. I can't tell you how true to form the one of the boys and the mom is. One of my favorites. I think my mom looks so beautiful in these pictures. What a lady. Thanks, mom and dad for being great parents. I mean, just look at the fruits of your labors. A sight to be proud of. Ha! Should I even attempt to name everyone for those of you who don't know my nutty family? Ok.

Back: Keaton, Tressa, Kryn, Amy, Rudy (the dad), Karen (the mom), Jaron, Alicia, Marty, Kindy, Gregan

Front: Hayden, Damian holding Merin, Zade, Ava, Devon holding Aria

Love every one of you!