Monday, December 1, 2008

Angel's Landing and Cedar Breaks

Marty and I took a little road trip a couple of weeks ago to Zion's National Park. I'm from Utah and had never been there before (lame I know) so I figured it was about time. I had heard about the hike called Angel's Landing, but didn't know much about it. As I asked around before we left, I got some interesting responses about how it was. I don't typically like to put myself in physical danger and had decided that perhaps I wasn't ready to do that hike. When I told this to Devon he shamed me into going by saying that if I didn't do Angel's Landing then I might as well not even go to Zion's. Well, my competitive nature took over and I told Marty we had to do it. He was game for whatever. So we loaded up on our water and snacks and proceeded. After 2 miles of switchbacks we were thinking it wasn't that bad. Then an arrow pointing to Angel's Landing directed us for another 0.5 mile. Not a problem. Well, that half a mile was strictly rock on a ledge with a chain to hold onto so you don't fall to your death. Yes, it has happened according to their warning signs. So I tried not to panic and we somehow made it to the very top. I felt like I had accomplished a very difficult thing and was proud of my efforts. Marty was a cool cat the whole time, but he was always very concerned for my well-being and was so patient. When we were at the top I told him we should take a bunch of pictures because I won't be doing this again. We did and I hope you enjoy them. The one of the ledge has people on it if you look closely. Yeah, we did that - twice! Once there and once back. It was nice to be on wide solid ground again when it was over. But what a sight and I appreciated the beauty of that place. The day before we visited Cedar Breaks so there are some pictures of that as well.