Monday, July 13, 2009


Marty and I had such an amazing time in Hawaii. We did everything we wanted to do and had a blast doing it. The Sunday before we came home we visited Ana and Ben Char. I had taught Ana with Sister Chun as a ward missionary, which she still is after all of these years! She's now 83 and as adorable as ever. Ana and Ben made us a wonderful dinner and made me this delicious plumeria lei. Marty couldn't stop smelling it. He said it smelled like candy. The one he is wearing we got at the Polynesian Cultural Center a couple of days before.

Here I am with Sister Sally Chun. So cute!

Smelling a hibiscus flower at the Bishop Museum.

Marty trying to start a fire at the PCC. He gave it a good effort, didn't you hunny? It's harder than it looks.

Here I am trying to learn how to dance at the Tahitian village at the PCC. Marty tried it as well and was so cute! We have pictures...

Here Marty is getting attached to a ukelele. Ask us how it is REALLY pronounced.

Of course I couldn't resist talking to the sisters a bit at the Visitor's Center. The one on the left has been out a month and the one on the right is going home in a month. They were so fun to talk to. And like good missionaries should, they challenged us to give out some of the cards about the Church before we went home. We tried!

At the Christus. The whole VC has been remodeled and we have pictures of the rest of it. It's so much better than when I was there! The temple is undergoing a major revision and was closed. It will reopen in August 2010.

Our first night in Hawaii just walking along a beach in Waikiki.

At Pearl Harbor.

At the PCC. Don't we look authentic together in this one? We thought so. It's just so Hawaiian!

Sunset in Waikiki. What a sexy boy!

My sunset picture.

We went on a hike to a waterfall in Honolulu. Here is Marty in a grove of bamboo trees. They were so sweet!

Just a big old leaf in the rainforest on our hike.

Friday, July 3, 2009


I'm really late in posting, but planning a wedding and then the honeymoon took about every minute I had for the past 3 months. Here's to trying to catch up a little bit. Marty and I were lucky enough to have 3 showers - talk about spoiled! The one in Salem was thrown by my hometown friends and it was so fun for them to get to meet Marty. We got some really fun ideas/gifts to go out on dates together.

Lynda Hales made this blanket for us and even put our names in the corner with the date - here we are admiring it with my mom. So cute!

This shower was a couples shower thrown by my good friends Laraine, Charlyn and Amber. We played a game where we had to guess what the other person would answer to a question posed by each couple present. We also had yummy food and some great gifts for entertaining others so look for invites to our house for a good time!

The last shower we had the pictures weren't very good, but it was another couples shower thrown by the fantastic friends we have in our ward here in Bountiful. Again, yummy food and great gifts. We had so much fun being engaged in spite of the stress of planning a wedding. Thank you to all of you who planned and attended our showers - it meant so much to us and we absolutely had the time of our lives!