Monday, February 22, 2010

The basement before and after

I finally did it. Here is a very long posting of pictures documenting the immense time and effort we (mostly Marty) put into remodeling our basement. I hope the pictures speak for themselves, but just in case I'll explain a little bit. The basement used to be 2 large rooms with a wet bar and fireplace in the larger of the two. We turned the smaller room into a bathroom and small bedroom with a hallway into the laundry room. The larger room had a recessed floor which Marty framed into an even floor and covered the fireplace space. The wet bar was redone, Marty built shelves in the closet he framed in the new bedroom, and he stained the bathroom cabinet himself and put the hardware on. Upstairs he built a half-wall where an oak railing used to be. We still have some crown to put up in one small section of the new hallway and a few other little ends to tie up, but the bulk is done and we love it! Now we have room for people to come and hang out! So please do :). Thanks to my talented, skilled and hard-working husband who made this all happen in just a few months on top of working full-time and going to graduate school. He's one in a million and I'm a lucky girl. Mmmmwwwaaa! Also, thanks to Travis for helping with the tile in the upstairs and the slate in the bathroom and thanks to Shane for assisting us with the plumbing and getting us high quality bathroom gear. :)