Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I have the best girlfriends in the world. Because of my many different stages in life, I have many different groups of them. This is the nursing group (not literally, just professionally). I met these gals during the first couple of years working as a nurse in the float pool. All of these girls worked in the float pool as well, and so we were always excited to find out when another one of us got assigned to the same floor. Those shifts were always the most fun. That was 10 years ago and we are still tight, though we rarely get to see each other at work anymore as life circumstances change. So we started an annual BBQ to stay connected and this was our third year. What this picture doesn't show are the husbands and constantly growing number of kids running around. I feel honored to be friends with such amazing women who are great examples to me professionally and spiritually. They are all awesome moms, wives and friends. I am hoping to glean from their wisdom as I eventually start a family of my own. Thanks for the fun night and for all of your years of friendship, girls! I love you! By the way, here are their names from left to right: Rori Boseman, Emily White, Natalie Barnes, me, Melissa Sartori, Nicki Williams.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Salem Days '09

Salem Days is a tradition. Every year we anticipate what kind of corny play the community is going to put on and hope that there is enough small town silliness to keep us laughing. It's usually a really long night while we anxiously await the famous fireworks show. This year Salem did a different twist. Instead of a play, we listened to 11 different bands/performers/singers. About 30% of them were pretty dang good, but the rest were a little bit painful. But that's what keeps us going back. The great unknown and the fireworks. Actually, the auction before the performances is always a good time, too. Marty said next year we're getting in on the bidding. So welcome to Salem, Marty. It's not official until you've attended Salem Days in all its glory. We missed the parade and the booths because we had to go to the Anderson family reunion earlier that day (we're trying not to be too sore about that still). We love you Andersons! Anyway, here are some cute pictures of my nieces and the Adairs having a good time.

Darling Aria with grandma

Ava with her favorite new buddy

I just loved this look

Monday, August 10, 2009

Hanauma Bay

Marty and I had a cheap underwater camera that we took to Hanauma Bay with us. We didn't get many good fish pictures. It's a lot harder than it might seem to take a picture of a darting fish while you're trying to look through the lens while looking through goggles. Anyway, we had a great time because there were tons of fish to see and they were really interesting and beautiful.

Shaka, bra!