Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Happy Birthday Marty!

We have been celebrating Marty's birthday for at least 2 weeks now. It started in New Harmony at his parents house on Valentine's Day. Marty and his brother, Travis and their niece, Maddie, shared a party there. Then Marty got to share another birthday party with my brother Devon, his wife, Alicia and their daughter, Aria. Alicia is very prego and forbids me to put pictures of her on my blog. But we have a cute one of Marty and Aria. Then yesterday was Marty's REAL birthday and I surprised him by inviting a bunch of our good friends in our ward over for cake and ice cream that night. He got to celebrate it on his own with all of the attention on himself. I was Betty Crocker all day and barely got everything done in the nick of time. I made him a key lime pie, a super rich chocolate cake (my first round and double layer cake ever), and herb crusted salmon with risotto and salad for dinner. We literally sat down to eat at 7:30 and I had told people to start coming by at 8:00. So I was trying not to look obvious as I scarfed down my food without much chit chat. I was putting the last few dishes in the dishwasher when the doorbell rang right at 8:00. Whew! Marty was very surprised, even though later he said he wondered why the house was so clean. We have such great friends here and it was really neat to see how many came. The pictures don't show everyone who was there. Thanks to everyone for keeping such a good secret! I had fun doing all of that for my sweetheart. I love you, babe! Happy 35th from your cougar!