Thursday, October 29, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Last week we attended the Tidwells' annual Halloween party - always a ton of fun. As you can see, this year I went as a Geisha and Marty is supposed to be a Samarai Warrior. I didn't realize that we didn't get whole body shots of ourselves, which is really too bad because you can't appreciate how tight my dress was. I realized when I sat down in the car and the front came unsnapped that I hadn't sat in the thing when I bought it in Chinatown. So luckily I had leggings on since I had to hike it up over my hips all night in order to sit and not strip. My makeup wasn't an easy ordeal, either. I felt like my face couldn't move for the first hour. Once the photos were taken, I felt like I could let it crack. I bet real Geishas had way better white makeup than the junk they sell at the Halloween store. Anyway, I think it was clear who we were and it's all for the pictures anyway, right? After the photo shoot, we had a yummy dinner and played some dang hilarious games. Check out some of the other costumes...

Gary and Carleen Seljaas (the perfect costume for so many reasons)

Nate and Laurie Leishman as Charlie Brown and Lucy - loved it!

Kirk and Heidi Tidwell - the super heroes and hosts of the party

Alan and Patty Cottle as the hot Roman couple

Jana and John Taylor as H1 and N1 (aka the Swine Flew) - Ha!