Thursday, May 27, 2010

Splash and Sprint Triathlon

So remember that post a few months ago about how I finally learned how to swim? If you had asked me then about doing a triathlon I would have said you were crazy. Well, I don't know what happened between then and now, but here I am doing a sprint triathlon. I will say that in December, Marty and I started working out at an awesome place called Fit. The idea is you do short, intense workouts that kick your butt. Over time I've noticed my endurance and strength getting remarkably better. This is the reason I decided to embark on this challenge. I signed both Marty and myself up in March for the big event on May 8th. I was most nervous about the swimming part. It was 400 meters which was 16 lengths of the pool at the South Davis Rec Center. Marty and I went a couple of times to practice before the big day. Mom and Tressa came to document the historic occasion and were very patient since we were some of the last ones in the pool. I had the runs 4 times that morning in anticipation of the swimming. Sorry to be so graphic, but you need to know how freaking scared I was. When we finally lined up, there were 4 other people from our ward who were there doing it as well and then it got fun. When I finally got in the pool, I had to do the backstroke about every other lap, but I still finished and was so happy to be done with that part! Marty was a much faster swimmer than me, but that was okay. He was sweet to wait for me to do the bike portion. Our skills and pace were equal in biking and running so we stayed together for the rest of it. The bike was 11+ miles and the run was a 5K. Thanks to our workouts, neither of us were sore at all and the bike and run were fairly easy for me. We even had a couple of our trainers there at the finish line to cheer for us. I have to add a disclaimer for how pasty my legs were. I get free laser hair removal at Dr. Dunkley's office where I work sometimes and you can't have it done if there is any kind of sunless tanner on your skin. Clearly I was ready to be lasered as you can tell from the pictures. Unfortunately, they couldn't fit me in before the race. The saddest part is that after all of that, they cancelled my appointment the following week. I was a titch upset, but what's done is done. So sorry for the blinding whiteness. The point of this post, however, is to celebrate the fact that I did something new and that I had fun doing it. Marty was a perfect teammate and we will most likely do this again someday.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Marty's graduation

On May 1st, Marty walked for his MBA. Only employees of University of Phoenix also get to wear that special flower. He will be officially done in September and I couldn't be more proud. He has done this in spite of working on the house, working full-time, and keeping me happy. It's been a crazy year but he has stayed focused, organized and kept his priorities straight. Thank you to our moms who came to support him at the ceremony and to Tressa who joined us for lunch afterwards. Congratulations, hunny! Also, thanks to those of you who sent cards and gifts. Completely unexpected, but so appreciated!