Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I love my nieces!

Sweet Aria

Birthday girl, Ava!

Aunt Kindy LOVES her nieces and nephews! I recently hung out with the nieces at Ava's third birthday party. Ava and I have a special bond and now Aria is coming to realize how much she loves me as well. Here are some dang cute pictures of us girls at the party.

Basements and Flooding

So yesterday I worked all day and then came home to a flooded basement. Awesome. At first I just thought I could ignore it and eventually it would dry. Besides, I never go downstairs to hang out anyway and I hadn't remodeled that room yet so what was the big deal? Well something told me this was a bigger deal than I wanted to accept so I called my neighbor. We pulled up the carpet and my pad was soaked. He said if I had left it mold and mildew would grow and I would get sick. Sheesh! So it's a good thing I called for help. We had to get two more men to help haul out the carpet because it was so heavy. It's still drying in my driveway and the pad was thrown out. Being a single homeowner can be challenging, but at least there are people around me who know what to do and are very willing to help me out!

Time Out For Women

A couple of weekends ago this month I went to Time Out For Women with my mom, her friend Pam, sister Tressa, sister-in-law Alicia, and Alicia's sisters and mom. We had a super fun time - I felt inspired, uplifted, and centered after attending. Sharon Larsen, Mary Ellen Edmunds, and James Ferrell were among some of my favorites. Aside from the speakers, we also had some funny experiences that as Alicia mentioned on her blog, you had to be there to appreciate. But let's just say that IHOP and I have never had a great relationship and after this trip, my disgust has been solidified forever. But thanks to the conference, I've learned to just 'let it go.' Sorry, that's another inside joke for our group.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Before and After

I have been in my home now for 2 years this month. A LOT of hard work and love has gone into transforming this home into something more modern and more ME. Thank you to all of the friends and family who helped me steam and strip wallpaper from EVERY wall of the house, texture walls, paint, patch, and on and on. I'm finally done with most of the rooms upstairs, but these are the three I love the most. Entertaining company is super fun for me so please come and visit! I have a spare bedroom and bathroom - much more affordable than a hotel room!

BEFORE and AFTER of the master bedroom

BEFORE and AFTER of the formal dining room

BEFORE (actually during) and AFTER of the living room